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बिहार कृषि विश्वविधालय, सबौर

Director Seed & Farm

Name                  : Dr. P.K. Singh

Mobile No.         :9431897516

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About The Department

Directorate of Seed and Farm would strive to harness the power of seed science and technology for enhancing the quality seed production with reducing cost and post-harvest losses through conventional techniques and new scientific knowledge and tools. In the present era, technological challenges are becoming more complex than before as demand of seed is increasing. To cope up the demand of seed in diverse field of agriculture, the emerging new tools & techniques, methods and approaches with the advancement of seed science will be the technological breakthrough to accomplish the mission. Development of ethical business models of seed production and supply system in the state.

Vision: Ensure and enhance the quality seed security to the Bihar farmers through technological intervention and sustainable agriculture development in the state.

Mission: Enhancing genetic and physical characteristics of seed for increased productivity, quality and sustainability in the state.

Mandate :

  1. To conduct basic, applied, strategic and anticipatory research in diverse fields of seed science and technology.
  2. To function as a centre for coordinated university Colleges, RRS and KVK for quality seed production in the Bihar.
  3. To undertake HRD through imparting training to the progressive farmers, Agriculture department and state seed certification agency field staff in different fields of seed production, processing, storage, seed testing and certification in Agri-horticultural crops.

Focus: To accomplish the vision and mission of Directorate of Seed and Farms, it gives the highest priority to the farmers and the entire strategy is based on farmer, unemployed youth for employment and entrepreneurship development in the state. It would concentrate on the following main areas of seed science and technology:

  1. Maintenance breeding for nucleus seed production and higher genetic purity
  2. Seed quality enhancement for better field emergence and higher productivity
  3. Seed quality evaluation and seed testing for different seed borne diseases and storage pests in the Bihar state
  4. Development of hybrid seed production technology for optimization of hybrid seed production technology particularly for rice, pigeon pea, mustard and castor
  5. Seed storage research for innovative seed storage techniques for various crops to improve the seed storability of agri-horticultural crops under hot and humid climatic conditions
  6. Refinement of seed processing standards to maximize the quantity of the graded seed and to search new techniques to minimize the seed damage during processing
  7. Enhancing productivity of seed yield of nucleus, breeder and foundation seed in different newly released varieties/hybrids of various Agri-horticulture crops
    1. Identification of potential seed production areas for different crops in the state.
    2. Training of farmers to produce the quality seeds and entrepreneurship development
  8. Coordination, monitoring
    1. Coordination, monitoring and review of seed production programme of KVKs and seed technology research in different RRS and agricultural colleges.
    2. Seed grid development for seed security and timely availability.
  9. Human Resource Development & Monitoring:
    1. Training of officer, field staff of state department of agriculture and seed certification agency, progressive farmers and unemployed youth for entrepreneurship development in seed sector.
    2. Human Resources Development in seed sector for under developed section of the society (special for SC and ST )
  10. Transfer of technology to farming community:
    1. Transfer of standard seed production technology to the farmers.
    2. Strengthening of seed village programme to promote the need based technology for the farmers through launching different extension activities.
    3. Organizing seed mela/ gosthies before start of crop season.
    4. Development of public private partnership for enhance seed replacement rate in the state.
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Dr. P.K. Singh

Director seed& Farm



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